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The Eclectic Groove Graphics Group
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Where we started...

Just like any graphics company, it starts with one guy attending to class after class, reading book after book, while visiting an incredible number of web sites. We started with nothing but a artistic dream and a thirst for knowledge. By querying search engines and and participating in online forums or at professional conventions, we met like-minded and talented colleagues who shared the dream of web and/or print design. Rather than hire and fire employees we created the network consortium also known as "the group." We have continued to network with the best of the best ever since.

Originally San Diego based...

San Diego based...

Originally it was all about graphics and web development. but it all drastically changed a number of years ago when we figured out that we, like so many other web designers, were creating beautiful sites which couldn't be found or indexed by search engines! It was at this time that we decided that it was irresponsible to continue working in this manor. So, we implemented a new standard with our own sites. From there, we were hooked on thinking like the spider bots and discovering the closely guarded secrets of Yahoo! and Google.

These days the SEO Engineers of the group travel the United States advising companies on how to promote/market themselves in both the real and the virtual world.

If you would like to learn more about this company or its practices give us a call or email us.