What is Technical Advisory?

This is a term which was coined after realizing two things.
-Gary T. Hoke

One: I Did not want to be referred to as "Hi, I would like you to meet my "I.T. guy" or my "computer guy." Don't get me wrong I have a ton of network and computer skills which continues to make me invaluable to my clients. I respect the I.T. or I.S. profession so much that I would rather assess your network needs and put you in trained hands. Hands that I trust that will not take advantage of my clients and take the very money which could otherwise be paid to me for the services I provide as a specialty.

Brain Power Operated - For your own safety please stand back at a safe distance!

Two: Start up companies and medium transitional sized companies need the knowledge which we possess far beyond mere computers and related networking.
If you need to know the most cost effective way to integrate a complete computer network from mobile workstations and phones to the applications which make you productive, you'll be glad you know us!
If you need a web site, we can help you find a domain name, register it, buy/set up the web hosting develop a functional web tool for which to properly represent your business. We can create robust email applications for all of your employees, configure file sharing, shared calendar events/tasks between your employees from anywhere in the world. If you require E-commerce (selling on the web), we can develop or set up a shopping cart, get your SSL certificate for safeguarding your customers information and allow them to trust your site, and refer you to a merchant program so that you can accept credit cards.

These is just a few of the items you will need help with and we are here for you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! When you feel that your company no longer requires us on a regular basis your business will undoubtedly be thriving and you will call us in on a consultation-level while referring us left, right and center to all of your associates.

Knowledge is indeed power and our happy and referring clients are how we continue to generate revenue.

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