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The Process of SEO (Our Prime Directives)

While 7 years+ of knowledge is a EGGGcellent foundation. We are not constrained by the knowledge base itself or our own ken. This is because the spider bots and their algorithms are always changing and evolving to be smarter than those who will try to "best" the search engines like Yahoo! and Google. We are constantly re-evaluating our values of what works."

  • Logic
  • Intuition
    Achieve better Search engine rankings without paying  huge amounts of money using  PPC programs for marketing.

Sure it seems simple and it is but we have an ever evolving list of what works and what doesn't. We at The EGGG are working with two key aspects of the SEO process which has contributed to the successful rankings for our clients. Upon your contracting our Analysis Service of our AIM Program we are all too excited to share in depth almost all of our knowledge as currently pertains to your web presence. We try not to brag.


Logical thinking is applied as you might expect using general principles already learned.


Popular Search Engines as of 2007Intuition

Intuition is applied using general logical principles already discovered but with an curious/investigative testing method. We use only "white hat" practices believed to be OK by the top search engines like Yahoo! and Google.


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Examining Search Engine StatisticsPlease understand that for every single piece of information we educate you with, we have an arsenol of thousands waiting to be used professionally on a contracted level. Do it yourself is fine on a basic level of understanding but you should never expect the kind of results a true SEO/SEM company can provide you. Contact The EGGG when you're ready...