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Getting a Basic Understanding of SEO & Search Engines

The EGGG's Golden Rule

By Gary T. Hoke

One of the most frequently asked questions we are asked by clients is...


"Why does this competing site outrank my site on Google?"

Generally if you’re trying to understand search engine optimization you should think like a search engine spiderbot. You’ll find that logically, this type of marketing only makes sense if you think like a search engine.

In order for a search engine to stay in business they need a dedicated user base. To keep people searching on Google or Yahoo!, the engines need to provide the best results possible. For example, if I do a search for "office chairs ", and the first result is a site that sells "office chairs", the poor result means I’m not likely to use that search engine in the future. So how do the major search engines determine what sites are the most appropriate for any given search term?

How does any worthwhile search engine determine which page is likely to be the best answer to your query?

Among many factors, one remains pinacle, they’re looking for a site that has demonstrated they are a provider of information. To do this, a website must give the impression that its content that is unique, helpful and important. However, interpreting the written word is beyond the scope of a search engine. To determine if a website is useful, a search engine also examines the sites that link to it.

You need to show link growth!

Listed in order of importance

  1. Quality inbound links
  2. Quality outbound links
  3. Real World Handshakes recipricol links

If your competitor is outranking you, it’s time you start demonstrating to the engines that your site is a better provider of useful information than the competition. Add more content - and get more links. You’ll find that even small changes can make a significant difference to your search placement. In fact, with the right type of online growth, you should see your site begin to change it’s positioning in as little as 30-45 days.

The best way to naturally improve your search presence, and, hopefully, provide a better online resource for your customers is to remember the internet's purpose is not to be a shopping mall but to give access to INFORMATION!