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Analysis...Analysis process of your web site to discover the reason for your poor or non-exitant Search Engine Rankings

Would you ultimately want a living/breathing doctor operating on your heart or rather trust an automated machine to perform the surgery? If you currently have a website in place then we will provide an ENTIRELY HUMAN researched report detailing obstacles that prevent your ascension in the Search Engines of Google® or Yahoo!®. This analysis step is about taking the time (several hours) to do the work so we may clearly see how to repair your site! We don't push a button to have a program print something generic for you. Our reports are ready for implementation by your current web developer or we can be contracted to assist the process. The more we educate our clients on what is involved, the more our clients understand and appreciate the work we actually do. It's not magic...
If you need your website developed from the ground up using SEO we can provide this work at a reasonable price.

Implementation...The EGGG - AIM Program implementation process is where we help you make the necassary changes for the betterment of your search engine rankings.

The process of adjusting and redeveloping your site through either contracted work or consultation to assure the SEO is done correctly. Some of our clients have seen solid ranking results implementing a fraction of the analysis given! A customized game plan is created to keep your site on target with your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) goals. A plan which includes honest industry-related and relevant link exchanges with your peers and a Pay Per Click advertising campaign.

Management...The EGGG - AIM Program and the management process to help keep your company on course

We will monitor your web domains ranking progress with consistent checks to the major search engines. while cross-checking your hosting server statistics to gauge the effectiveness of our work.

To actively maintain new standards, we will carefully alter certain aspects of your website to adjust to specific search engine responses. Since we are constantly studying and expanding our knowledge base, we're ready to react to the ever changing search engine criteria. Everything is accomplished using only honest or white hat methods to ensure your good standings are preserved with Google® and Yahoo!® specifically. Monthly or quarterly reports are delivered to you and we are a phone call or email away from answering your questions.
We don't want to "break the bank" and therefore we'll sincerely make the effort to fit your budget.

Check out our "A.I.M." The EGGG A.I.M Program for Search Engine Rankings
Just how good is our A.I.M.? Like a laser scope...

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The EGGG's A.I.M. Program stands for Analysis, Implementation and Management.

We are quite serious about this field of Search Engine Marketing in which we work. However, if this business of Search Engine Optimization or Marketing were to be thought of as a game of chess, then we would consider ourselves as the Bobby Fisher type of player. The EGGG style of approach is from not only a logical process, but it is also based on intuition and innovation as well. A slightly unorthodox but highly structured perspective may be used to gain advantages from within the confines of the established set of rules. All of the work done to bring your site upwards through the search engine rankings is done via proper standards. We do NOT employ any methods that may give you quick results only to risk your becoming blacklisted shortly afterwards.

Straight forward ORGANIC site work with Pay Per Click advertisement is our prime method for success. Do you want to keep your rankings for years to come? Let us help you target your web audience with our A.I.M. Our results speak for themselves and our company's references will prove we have the skill to get you the results you and your company desires. Our incentive plan is truly unique and will be explained during our first meeting with your company so as to minimize copy cat competitors. We expect that you will be impressed as to just how cool the EGGG's A.I.M. Program actually is