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Featured Speaker: Gary T. Hoke

Those who work with him find out just how much creative juice a single human is capable of producing because whatever gland inside Gary's brain which produces this hybrid pheromone/steroid/endorphin is cranked up to eleven.

Gary T. Hoke with his beautiful wife of 20 years!

I asked Gary Hoke what it means to be a technology advisor? He replied, "It is simply a term or title I made for myself which set me apart from others..."
O.K., but would you give us the specifics please?
"Of course, specifically, I guide emerging businesses through the mine fields of technology from office hardware and networking systems to virtual applications. I have two main goals in mind for my clients, save them money and make sure they are more productive and time efficient. While the saving of the initial dollars is certainly a good thing, it doesn't matter as much as the productivity/efficiency I open them up to. I make my money off of my client's success and continued growth."

A fast talker but he speaks honestly and with sincerity...

He's a marketing professional with the necessary reflexes to make the unexpected hairpin turns and he has a love for technology with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Simply put he is the guy you want to know when you are ready to grow your company. As a founder of The Eclectic Groove Graphics Group he came up with the phrase, The EGGG comes first... It was afterwards he realized the chicken and the egg metaphor. Gary says, "I speak fast and I tend to dominate the conversation in a work environment only because I have a lot of important things to share which can undoubtedly help my clients. Some people think I am rude while others are happy to listen and get their money's worth!" He shows me testimonial after testimonial with beaming pride. After seven years in business he has a solid stride and a genuine wish to help. Does this appear to be self promotion you wonder? Well, If someone can promote themselves then they will very likely to be equally good at promoting your business. Right?

    - Heather Jarvis